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Monday, May 24th, 2010

     As readers of this column know we focus on high quality travel and leisure, mostly involving venues and events at a distance.  But there is no place like home if you are able to surround yourself with such wonderful appliances as the Big Green Egg smoker and grill.  For a few weeks in May we have been enjoying the classy cooking machine now proudly set-up on our patio overlooking the Pacific in La Jolla, California.  What a joy!   


       The Egg is based on ancient ceramic cooking traditions that originated in China and Japan.  But the American version, engineered and produced in Tucker, Georgia, is truly a modern product of design created to manage almost any kind of cooking with precision temperatures and saturation heat that manages to keep food delicious without drying out or burning.  In fact the company, not surprisingly, calls their product the “world’s best smoker and grill.”  In our fairly wide experience with barbeque equipment we must concur.   The Egg comes in at least five different sizes.  We found the Large size  (shown in these photos) good for family use and for a good bit of entertaining.   Cooking for a huge crowd can be best accomplished using the Extra Large Egg!

  BGE_lg9539      We found the Egg easy to light and quick to reach cooking temperatures, with dampers for zeroing in on the desired temperatures for steaks, fish, chicken, ribs and burgers.  The food cooks rapidly with great flavor while maintaining its moisture and taste.  Chicken thighs for example never have tasted so good other than when grilled on the Big Green Egg.  As a bonus some of the leftovers also had a very tasty quality when removed from the refrigeration the next day and reheated.


Assembly of the Egg itself is pretty simple although the optional “nest,” a carrier on wheels, does present a bit of a challenge to the wrench and screwdriver novice.  A Big Green Egg user will immediately realize that the company has created many accessories including such cookware add-ons as a vertical rack for whole chickens and turkeys, flat ceramic plateware for pizza and baking and various grill extenders for a variety of uses.

       All of the abig green egg openccessories, and plenty of good advice, can be obtained through the nearly universal Big Egg dealer network, comprised of 1,950 stores in the United States and nearly 500 international dealers.  Specific store locations, and much more interesting and useful information, may be obtained on the Internet at



Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Since 1982 alternative farmers of California have gathered in an annual conference for learning and networking. The 2010 “California Small Farm Conference” was held in Del Mar, just outside San Diego, under the banner of “Sustaining Our Bounty.” We had the pleasure of attending the February 28 opening moveable feast called, “A Taste of San Diego.”

     The three-day conference features by day-long seminars and field trips and dozens of educational sessions along with key-note presentations and the doling out of awards for achievement in various categories of farming.

     This year’s highlight was the three-hour food and drink tasting on the opening evening which showcased the rich culinary landscape of the host region. More than 50 local farms, restaurants, ranches, wineries and breweries contributed. For a nominal $25 fee conference goers could sample fruits, cheeses, fish, meats, dips, baked goods, drink of all sort for a total of at least 40 items representing a good range of San Diego delicacy.

Savory Dates from Southernmost CA

Savory Dates from Southernmost CA



All kinds of beautiful fruit for tasting

All kinds of beautiful fruit for tasting





The breads, memorable leek and cauliflower soup, mouth watering cheeses, wonderful aqua farmed seafood, varieties of beef, great beer and tables of wine more than made the tasting memorable. It was splendid.

Leek and Califlower Soup was a taste pleaser

Leek and Califlower Soup was a taste pleaser